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15 January 2009 @ 05:08 pm


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Welcome to Detroit, Michigan! A city on the verge of a major plague as a secret and respected vampire house, the House of Chthon builds its ranks and continues to hide itself from the public. This is a Blade: The Series & Underworld Movies crossover role-playing group with many canons and originals available! As darkness sets, the world belongs to us so if you want the thrill of the hunt, the taste of blood then come.

Leader of the powerful vampire house in Detroit, Marcus Van Sciver has a growing control in the city and has a good taste in art and woman. Thinking of himself as a pioneer, he has a vision of a better vampire and uses his station in the grand house to experiment in enhancing the species through genetic manipulation. Along with the two most trusted people in his circle, Chase and recently turned Krista, he is slowing advancing the house outwards in Detroit, only if one man would let him do so.

Blade, half human/half vampire was born and raised in Detroit to a human mother and unlike his brethren; he relies on a serum to control his thirst which prevents him from needing to feed on humans but also leaves him more aggressive and short tempered. He sees Marcus’s visions as nothing but a power hungry man out to control the world around and he makes it his job to try and bring down the great vampire house with some help.

Selene, former Death Dealer and problematic vampire has killed two vampire Elders, broken the rules of her coven and is now a hunted woman. Through feeding on the blood of the progenitor, Selene can now walk the day as a Daywalker! Along with her love, Michael, together they are hunted by Death Dealers from the vampire clans and lycans a like as his hybrid nature is an affront to everything they both stand for. Detroit is where they end up, a big city with its own vampire house and now lycans.

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03 April 2008 @ 12:16 pm
Ahead of the UK release of the Season 1 boxset, I decided to stress-purchase the uncut House of Chthon dvd.

What did the back of the dvd cover say upon arrival?

"The House of Chthon is an ancient evil sect of vampires growing stronger everyday. Led by the vampire overlord Marcus, their objective is to eliminate the final barriers to their supremacy over mankind by becoming super vampires, immune to daylight and other vampire weaknesses.
When Blade unmasks their plan, his mission becomes to destroy Marcus and his bloodthirsty breed. Joining forces with a beautiful Nightstalker, Blade will stop at nothing to win this war and save humanity before it's too late."

I'm not entirely sure at which point Krista became a 'beautiful Nightstalker', but this has to be the worst dvd cover synopsis i've ever read!
27 November 2007 @ 08:21 pm
Chase [x3]
Stock [x8]


to the widdle batch...
27 May 2007 @ 06:30 pm
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ascension Rising is a slight AUish Blade the Series PRG set post the final TV episode. A few changes have been made to the last few segments of the show but other than that most remains as it was. We plan to open Officially on June 1st, and we are currently seeking players for Blade and Shen.

Unlike most role-plays as of late, Ascension Rising is played out on a message board hosted by Invisonfree and is absolutely free to join. Players will enjoy a detailed plot driven game in which their characters are thrown into a changing and evolving world, as Marcus Van Sciver begins to reshape the supernatural community starting with his own race with the intention of moving outwards.

Vampires, Lycans, familiars, ghouls and many other supernatural creatures are all welcome to join the game as there for the moment is no set character scheme.

If you’re interested in strong plots and frequent activity, please check out Ascension Rising. We are particularly looking for players who are interested in taking the series back to the darker themes of the Blade movies.
12 May 2007 @ 08:31 pm
I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place or not, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of a website where I could find the scripts for the first season. I watched the show, but my memory isn't worth much when it comes to episodes, so it'd be real nice if I could find the scripts since I'm planning to indulge in some Blade FanFic writing. I love this series and I'd really love to do it justice, so if you could point me in any direction (A website with quotes, episode summaries, scripts would be better, but I'll take anything) I'd be really grateful. Thanks!
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13 March 2007 @ 04:17 pm
thought you might appreciate this coverCollapse )
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01 March 2007 @ 03:59 pm
Hello all,

Its been quite a while since I've visted here and I've finally gotten my Blade kick back in. I've noticed taht since the series ended things have kind of died and I'd like to put that spark back into the fans.

I'm reviving the Orginal Blade role play and we're currently looking for a few dedicated players to take up the reigns and join us in our game. We're currently in the process of starting over, so any thoughts and/or ideas you have will be warmly welcomed. All we know at the moment is that the role play will be the fan's version of a Second Season. Below you'll find a list of character's we need and they're all in High Demand.

* Marcus Van Sciver
* Krista Starr
* Blade
* Shen

As before, origninal characters as well as characters from the movies are welcome as long as they realistically fit into the game plan. If you'd like more information on the game you're welcome to IM at rogeryoureyes (aim) or kp_0001@hotamil.com

[Ascension Rising]
15 January 2007 @ 03:06 pm
Hey, me again. Still needing those characters and there's an update. We've moved from http://sinhaven.proboards51.com/index.cgi to http://z8.invisionfree.com/bladetheseries/index.php?act=idx so check us out. We have a great plot in the works along with great players.

Hannibal King
14 January 2007 @ 11:32 am
His car landed in a shower of sparks and he heard the suspension of his car groan and complained about its treatment jogging him back to reality. He rolled his eyes at the upcoming barrier; he hadn’t thought much about the barriers on this side until he nearly landed on top of them. He stomped on the brakes sending the car in a small fishtail spin. His heart was pounding from what he had just done. Once again despite his original intentions he’d broken the law. However, this was small change to what he had to do to survive. He chuckled and patted the dashboard. He shifted back to first and tapped his index finger against the steering wheel. "I’m glad there wasn’t any police to see that stunt.” He pressed hard on the gas and his car spun the tires against the asphalt and the car shot forward into the night.


The rumble of his car at idle was barely enough to keep him awake. He had pressed his limits physically getting into the city driving over 400 miles. He had to find a decent place to stop and rest. He turned down one of the residential roads and followed it till he passed a park. He looked at the entrance and found that it hadn’t been secured that evening before. His luck this night was holding.

Travis looped around the block and turned into the driveway of the park. Parks like this one was no longer a playground for children at this time of night or morning as it was. It was dark and foreboding where things that went bump in the night sought refuge. The early morning fog clung to the ground giving it an eerie feeling of evil.

He put his car in neutral and turned off the headlights and windshield wipers. He reached for the radio and thought better of it and pulled his hand back. After idling for five minutes he turned off the engine and pulled out his .44 Magnum and popped out the cylinder. It was still fully loaded as it had been for the drive from Mexico. He clicked the cylinder back into place, made sure it was on safe and slid it back into its holster on his side. "I think this old park is a good enough place to stop and get some sleep. Tomorrow I need to find some work and a place to live " He leaned his head back on the head rest and thought cleared his mind as he had done so many times before and went to sleep.


Travis heard a tapping sound on his window. It was early too early for him to be bothered by the sound. He rolled over but the tapping became more insistent. “Go away, Damn it, I’m trying to sleep here.”

"Sir, this is a park and not a rest stop" said the voice outside of the car.

Travis’ eyes shot open and rolled over slowly and saw a short pudgy man wearing a park ranger’s uniform standing outside of his car. ‘Shit,’ thought Travis

He waved at the Park Ranger and nodded and reached for the ignition. That’s when he saw the Park Ranger’s gun in the holster. Did Park Ranger’s carry guns? He couldn’t remember, and why was there a Park Ranger assigned to a neighborhood park where children played? Something had changed since he’d been in Detroit ten years ago, especially if the officials who patrolled parks carried weapons.

“Sorry sir I’ll get a move on right away," said Travis turning the ignition on and hearing the engine rumble to life.

The Park Ranger smiled at the rumbling of the engine. “Man that sounds sweet! Who is your mechanic?”

Travis rolled down his window and replied. “I do my own work on this car.”

“Say do you do any side work?” asked the Park Ranger

“Occasionally why?” asked Travis watching the Park Ranger write something down on a slip of paper.

“If you got time give me a call. I need a brake job done on my car. I’ll pay you fifty bucks for the work,” said the Park Ranger handing him his number.

“Hey thanks man. I’ll give you a call later and set it up,” said Travis waving at the Park Ranger as he shoved the gearshift into first and eased his car out of the parking spot.
He patted the dashboard “That’s right baby, just say you know how to work on a car and people give you the cash to do their easy work. At least that will get you a tank of gas, without dipping into the funds.” Travis waved to the friendly Park Ranger and turned down the small road that led to the exit of the park.
05 November 2006 @ 11:21 pm
This is one of the admins from Blade the Series: Ascension and I thought i'd promote the site a little. Were in need of some new members and characters.


Hannibal King

Original Characters are accepted and highly smilied upon!